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Computer simulation of nanoscale and molecular-scale systems:

Metamaterials. Effective medium theory. Backward waves and negative refraction.

Long-range electrostatic interactions in heterogeneous media and electrolytes. 

Wave propagation in photonic crystals.

Nano-optics: plasmon-enhanced optical systems with molecular-scale resolution.

Assembly of micro- and nanoparticles.

Computational methods:

Flexible Local Approximation MEthods (FLAME), a new Finite Difference calculus with nanoscale applications. Schemes for wave propagation and scattering: Cartesian grids without 'staircase' effects.

Applied Finite Element Analysis, Multigrid Methods and Generalized FEM.

Overlapping finite elements for problems with movement (electric machines, nondestructive testing).

Finite Element Theory: a priori error estimates.

Formulations of electromagnetic problems.

A list of publications

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