J. Richard Elliott, Ph.D.

[Elliott's photo]

Professor of Chemical Engineering
The University of Akron

Ph.D. (1985) Pennsylvania State University
MS (1982) Virginia Polytechnic Institute
BS (1980 ) Newport College

Research Interests:

Thermodynamics of Hydrogen Bonding,
Molecular Simulations, Perturbation Theory and Integral Equation Theory
Experimental Phase Equilibrium Measurements, Chemical Reaction Engineering
Supercritical Fluid Processing, Microcellular Foams
Educational Issues and Curriculum Development
Including New Text with Interactive Spreadsheets and Programs (including PR and ESD EOSs)

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Distillation Lab Regulations and Requiremnts

Beta Demonstration of SPEAD, a molecular dynamics simulation package for chemical process and product design.

Slides of SPEAD presentation to UA College of Engineering, 9/4/03.

Advanced Thermo Homework - Fortran Code

Complete Publications

Materials Science Slides

msWord97 Tutorial on the CC5 Process Simulator

Peng-Robinson & ESD Executable Incl BIP Data and Regression

Summit County Proficiency Comparisons

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J.R. Elliott's email: jelliott@uakron.edu